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3 Smart Cards


Get 3 programmed Smart Cards with your logo on them. We will program them to the URL you provide and label your card with the logo that you’ve uploaded on one side of all 3 of the cards.

The cards will be left re-writable so if you want to change the link with the proper software, we do not provide software. These are perfect to use as Google Review cards, keep one on you at all times and two put up for when you loose one. Just let that customer tap it or hover over it and thats it.

(max file size 512 MB)


  • Proper Size and Quantity: with dimensions of about 2.13 x 3.37 x 0.04 inches/ 5.4 x 8.55 x 0.1 cm, our NTAG15 NFC cards are the proper size for a wide range of card printing applications; The package includes 100 blank cards, enough to meet your needs
  • Reliable Material for Durability: our NFC business card is made of quality PVC material, ensuring longevity and durability; The sturdy material safeguards against wear and tear, and the black color adds a professional touch to your finished products
  • Enhanced Memory and Chip Technology: our NFC cards are equipped with an NTAG215 chip that boasts a memory capacity of 504 bytes, allowing you to store a wealth of data on each card; The advanced chip technology also makes the cards compatible with TagMo
  • User Friendly and Easy to Operate: We program the card to the Url of your choosing with the ability for you to re-write it if you like.
  • We label your card with your logo on one side – be sure to provide upload your logo.