• Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO & MPO
  • Custom Triggers
  • App Development
  • Website to App
  • Game Server Set Up
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • PHP Fixes or Upgrades
  • SQL Repairs
  • jQuery Fixes
  • Larevel
  • Cake PHP
  • CSS Framework
  • Plugin Development
  • Theme Development
  • GBP Map Citations
  • Whitehat Backlinks

Welcome to TNR Development! I’m a skilled programmer proficient in catering to the needs of both small and large companies. My reliability and commitment to clients are unwavering. My expertise encompasses a wide range of tasks in website development, administration, and server-side setup and management.

In the contemporary landscape, WordPress has become the go-to platform for most individuals. Its user-friendliness makes it a winning choice for virtually any company’s website. When combined with the right expertise in administration, construction, and maintenance, the results are bound to be exceptional.

I am here to provide precisely that level of proficiency. With over three decades of experience, I have consistently become the go-to professional for my clients’ ongoing needs. My familiarity with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, PHP Laravel, Java, Python, Ruby, TypeScript, C, C++, JavaScript++, JSON, and more is extensive.

Having worked with WordPress since its inception, I possess comprehensive knowledge of all things related to WordPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, plugins, themes, and beyond. There is no aspect within this domain that I cannot adeptly manage. I am highly skilled in creating tailor-made integrations, including ERP systems. In fact, I am capable of constructing an ERP system if the situation demands. My coding abilities are limitless, as I am perpetually enhancing my skill set and staying attuned to emerging trends.

Additionally, I have designed custom servers for specific gaming environments and have collaborated with gaming studios, an engagement that I occasionally continue. If you require server-side setup and management for games, applications, or websites, you can count on me to meet your needs comprehensively.

The purpose is straightforward: I designed this website to simplify the process for anyone seeking my skills to establish a commitment for long-term collaboration, part-time engagements, or even specific tasks. With over three decades of experience, I’ve crafted projects from their inception. Additionally, there are other areas in which I excel and provide services for.
If any of the options listed below are what you’ve been seeking, there’s no need to continue your search. Register for an account, choose the services that align with your requirements, and we’ll reach out to you.

Some of My Skills

  • Web Development
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Boonex Dolphin
  • Elgg
  • Geeklog
  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel
  • Angular
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Wix
  • Concrete5
  • Shopify
  • Duda
  • SEO, Localization, and MPO
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Maps, Google Cloud, API development.
  • ChatGPT, AI Dev
  • Operating System Development and Modifications including Linux, Windows, Unix, Solaris, Fedora, and so on.
  • I’m a wiz with most Adobe Products, yes I can do a lot of graphic work, and some basic video editing and more.
  • Social Media Optimization and Automation
  • Building Computers for any type of Situation or use
  • Home Automation for Home or Business