TNR is that diamond in the rough. A true gem.

TNR is that diamond in the rough. A true gem. His knowledge of software and web development is beyond measure. Better yet, he is an astute listener and understands the goals of what your are trying to accomplish. As such, TNR is often ahead of me on what I need for programming and functionality.

Granicrete International

Marc Winkelman

Granicrete International

I can’t speak highly enough of their services

I have the pleasure of working with TNR Development, and I can’t speak highly enough of their services. From day one, their team has been incredibly responsive, always quick to address our questions and concerns. Their expertise in SEO is second to none, and their strategies have had a profound impact on our online visibility and organic traffic. But beyond their technical prowess, what truly sets them apart is their approach as a partner. TNR Development isn’t just a service provider; they are a wonderful, collaborative partner who takes the time to understand our unique needs and objectives. It’s rare to find a company that is not only highly skilled but also genuinely invested in your success. I wholeheartedly recommend TNR Development to anyone looking to improve their SEO and digital presence while working with a responsive and exceptional team.

Divya Yoder

Original Elderberry Company

We hope to never lose him!!!

I have worked closely w/TNR for several years now and have come to VASTLY appreciate his skills with computer programs, I.T. security, website design and development, SEO’s, and the list goes on.  His knowledge of the computer world and it’s workings is most impressive and it shows through all that he has done for us and the extreme improvements we’ve seen in several of our companies departments  and overall operational smoothness.
After a year or so of working for us in a completely different dept. one day we had one of our IT people leave the company and he offered to fill till we got someone to replace them.  He quickly demonstrated that he was not only capable of replacing the person ten times over but able to run the entire team.  It’s been that way ever since and we have not looked back.
We are extremely pleased w/this man’s work ethic, ability to fix virtually any computer or marketing issue we come across and dedication to our company… We hope to never lose him!!!

Greg Lamm

Director of Training / Tech. Support Epoxy2u

TNR is a valued tool to have

TNR is a highly valuable tool to have in your corner for all your coding and programming needs. He is highly skilled at building and maintaining websites, so you know if you give him a project that it is going to be completed properly and in a timely manner. For me personally, the biggest asset TNR brings is his ability to find problems and figure out the right solution to get everything back running properly. I could sit here all day and go on about how impressive his skills are, but what truly puts TNR above others is his dedication and loyalty. When you work with TNR your family to him and he will go above and beyond to help you. I’ve witnessed him quickly drop what he’s in the middle of in order to help me and others, because he truly cares about making sure you’re happy and your platforms are running smoothly. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my tech and programming needs.

Chris Rutledge


Finding good tech support is simultaneously the most important and most impossible task for anyone trying to operate in our world today.

Finding good tech support is simultaneously the most important and most impossible task for anyone trying to operate in our world today. Maybe you find someone who knows what they’re doing, but they’re difficult to reach, or hard to understand, or you just plain don’t like them. Or maybe they’re friendly and offer good customer service, but you can tell they’re Googling the answers to your questions. 

Enter TNR. 

“Does this guy really know all this stuff?” 

“Can anybody really be as good as he says he is?” 

“Do I really need somebody that good?” 

Yes, he does.

Yes, he is.

Yes, you do. 

You know when you watch a movie and they’ve got a character who is soooo good on a computer that they’re dueling with another programmer in real time, jousting back and forth until they drop an electronic bomb and destroy their virtual opponent on the other side of the keyboard? “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen,” I used to say. After I got to know TNR, I stopped scoffing at those scenes. He’s the real deal. 

You want him on your side, if for no other reason than to be able to sleep at night knowing he’s not working against you. TNR is what happens when you get a computer virus and say “Why don’t those people do something productive and use their talents for good?”

Well, some of them are, and now you know one. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. 

Steve Hall

Counter Intelligence (no, not that one. We make custom countertops.)

Elizabethtown, KY

Steve Hall

Counter Intelligence of Elizabethtown Kentucky

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