Some new updates to share

Some new updates to share

It’s been a moment since I’ve had the time to post an update here however it is because I’ve severely busy. TNR Development is one of my main priorities and now it’s something that I’m putting even more focus into.

A quick update to catch things up to speed, we had an epic holiday season with lots of family time. We’ve been extremely busy with a few of our other businesses, and TNR Development I’m working towards expanding into a Hosting Company and Web Services open to the public on top of continuing to work on current projects that are not open for public purchase.

I’ve started a Patreon Page, it’s to build a community that have interest in the various content I share. I write about a lot of things as I have a history of working in entertainment news and just sharing random thoughts. So the Patreon Page is geared towards that while the support from the page and it’s content shared is to help with expanding TNR Development into TNR Development Studio. In that part of this project, it will allow things like:

  • Domain Purchases
  • Hosting Plans such as VPS, and Dedicated Servers.
  • One Click WordPress environments and more

This is just the start of what is to come. Now TNR Development is and will always be it’s own animal. TNR Development is dedicated to full admin services, full time programming and coding for hire, app development, software development and more.

My goal is to provide my skillset to everyone who needs it while made to fit their budgets.

On another note!

We’re continuously adding features within the dashboard for all current and future clients. We’ve added a referral system! This referral system allows you to share your link to friends and family and to be rewarded for who signs up for our services. You can use your points to make purchases, and they get points for joining through your link.

Also if you’re a Patreon supporter, you can link your account by editing your profile.

And then

So yes, it’s been a very busy time and yes we’re on the move towards bigger and better things.