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Welcome to TNRintheJeep

We are adventurers, we’re not professionals; we simply love to go out on bicycles, hike, and take our Jeep on the trails.

We’ve learned that we loved this lifestyle and we’re working daily to do more of it and learn how to do it at the same time.

Now in order for us to do the things we do, we’re not YouTubes or TikTokers, we’re simple people who work our butts off. We have a few businesses and we all have fulltime jobs at the same time.

If you’ve landed here  because we Ducked You, then below we have a few goodies for you, and we hope that you keep up with what we’re doing and maybe one day do a trail together.

You've Been Ducked


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The act of ducking involves a creative and playful approach, akin to an unanticipated, friendly gesture or a secret handshake amongst Jeep aficionados. It is not merely a random act but a symbolic gesture, representing a shared passion for Jeeps and a mutual understanding of the unique experiences that owning such a vehicle entails. The act of ducking adds an element of intrigue and fun to the Jeep owning experience, creating a secret world of encounters and shared stories.

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