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Welcome to TNR Remodeling

We’re pretty much jack of all trades, but in our situation we’re actually master of many. When we’re not programming software, websites, or building computer were probably at our day job or building epoxy countertops. We also make handmade goods such as bar soap, soy candles, deodorant and many other goodies. The point of this is we work a lot and that’s because we have a large list of skills that we keep actively building on.

Years ago we owned a small construction company doing home remodeling, roofing etc. We learned really fast that if we didn’t do the work then it wasn’t gonna get done right, finding good dependable employees is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so we simply did all of the work ourselves and that’s how we do things now.

We believe in being fair with people, we believe that the customer should be treated in high regards; these beliefs aren’t found in the workplace now a days so we sort of stick out like a sore thumb in everything we do.

Yes we can remodel homes, yes we can fix plumbing, do stucco (EFIS, or Conventional), drywall, concrete stamp pad work, framing you name it. The only issue is that we do not have a lot of time so we offer these services based on the jobs we’re working on.

Our Epoxy Countertop Business we can do just that, make countertops, epoxy them and install them. So other services we offer in the remodeling side of things we can offer you here.

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