TNRintheWild | Cycling, Hiking, Off Road Jeep
TNRintheWild | Cycling, Hiking, Off Road Jeep

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So, welcome to TNRintheWild; I’m obsessed with cycling! Our household is all about cycling, hiking, bikepacking, taking our Jeep Gladiator off road. We love to make the best of life when we’re able in between the work load in our day to day jobs and businesses.

Here at TNR Development it’s all about writing code, software, websites and the awesome services I can offer to those that need it and in turn they can pay for the services. This site is to eliminate those persons whom keep calling and texting wanting my time and knowledge yet don’t want to pay for it, those days are over.

As for TNRintheWild, it’s all about living life and enjoying the wonderful outdoors, while at the same time focus on our fitness and health. We do love cycling and this includes indoor cycling on platforms like Zwift. Speaking of Zwift, from time to time we may even broadcast live on Twitch when we’re indoor cycling on Zwift.

Adventure Journal Entries

Unlock Your Cycling Adventures with Just COS Cycling Club – Join Us Today!

Welcome to the Just COS Cycling Club Journal! Join our local cycling club for enthusiasts who love exploring new places on their road bikes. With a passion for long rides, we pedal far and embrace the joy of experiencing the world on two wheels. Even with a new hip, our commitment to cycling remains unwavering. Discover the challenges we faced in the beginning and how we overcame them to create a thriving community. Get inspired and join us on this exciting journey of adventure and camaraderie.

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Cottonwood Arizona | Merkin Vineyards

Reviving My Health & Career: A Transformative Journey of Healing and Success

Discover the surprising connection between my declining health and my work environment. As a passionate long distance cyclist and skilled programmer, my life was thriving until I took on an extra task during Covid. Join me on this journey as I uncover the truth behind my health struggles and how it’s all linked to one of the places I work. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening revelation!

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Zwift | Cycling | TNRintheWild

Reviving My Active Lifestyle: Conquering 15 Miles on Zwift After Hip Replacement

Today was a remarkable day, free from any blackout spells thanks to my medication. Energized by a restful sleep, I tackled a quick paint touch-up at a customer’s home, merely clocking in 5 minutes of work and a 1-hour drive. Wrapping up my tasks, I decided to hop on my Wahoo Kickr Snap and join the virtual cycling world of Zwift, pedaling through 15 exhilarating miles. Discover how I conquered the day, staying focused and embracing the joys of an active lifestyle!

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