Reviving My Health & Career: A Transformative Journey of Healing and Success

Reviving My Health & Career: A Transformative Journey of Healing and Success

Hi all, as some of you may or may not know, my health had been giving me a run for my money. After a ton of doctors and lifechanging events, the problem is looking to come from one of the places I work. I was a very happy long distance cyclist who programmed code for several companies and life was very well. I took on a task with a company during Covid and it was to be just an extra task to fund my live for cycling and it turned into a complete nightmare. What I thought were peeps I could call family, well I cant say that now. The situation is simple, the company has a revolving door of good employees while keep the bad ones and shunning the good ones. They hire someone to do a job, then they hire someone else to do that persons job and it continues until everyone keeps leaving and of course the whole place has fell apart when it comes to moral or any concern to even want to be there. I’ve tried and tried and have reach the point I’ve been blacking out, I’ve has what doctors think are seizures, heart attacks, you name it; the stress there is beyond imaginable and it’s time to say goodbye to it.

I’m excited to go back to living happily, having time to actually live and not be considered a 24/7 availability at the pay rate below a McDonalds employee. We have several companies and are very happy for the work we get and the clients we have, and we believe in doing good business’, not robbing Peter to pay Paul until the well is dry like most companies nowadays. So let’s start this new journey of being happy and spending absolutely no time helping any company that doesn’t appreciate it.

So what’s on the agenda?

Moab! We’re heading out to Moab to take our Jeep Gladiator on all of the Jeep trails to earn our Badges. After that trip we’re heading straight out to enjoy Jerome again. We love going to Jerome and the last 2 vacations I had we went there (once on our anniversary) and the entire trip I was contacted by that job to do tasks none stop all hours until we gave up and just went home. So yes, time to step away from that place and go back to enjoying life.

More to say just around the corning. I’ve setting up a few websites for clients and gonna enjoy a night of chill time with family. Thanks for reading.