Trail Maids | We love to hike and we love nature | Let's Clean the Trails

Welcome to Trail Maids

We’re outdoors people and very active! We love to hike, ride mountain bikes, road bikes, and we’re very into bikepacking. Let’s face it we love the trails.

When we’re out on the trails we try and pick up trash if we see it, there tends to always be trash on the trails and there shouldn’t be. We made Trail Maids as a simple site to say, let’s try and keep it clean out there.

We have a few businesses and work a lot and in everything we do we mention our love for trails so in our businesses we do plan to do trail clean ups, and we invite you to come out when we do.

We’ve did a few trail and park clean ups with Amazon peeps, and we’re always excited to give to the community every chance we can, even if it’s only our time.