So.. Another day into the blog. Told yas I like to write about stuff. I’ve been working on ChatGPT since it opened to the public and have made some fun things for one of my clients, after I’d done so, a few of the items I’d made had others made their versions and started selling them to everyone; maybe I should’ve done that? Well all good, I’m still working on some goodies with ChatGPT and at the moment I’m working on a bot for this website.

This website will have a ton of interesting things that aren’t normal for your basic run in the mill “web development service” website. As I’d made clear in the first post, I’m not in another country far away in a room with hundreds of people available to help your every need even if it’s not possible. I’m a single individual with a lot of coding experience and I enjoy making things work, and work properly. So back to the point before I have to get another Red Bull.

This site will be decorated in an artistic view sharing things of interest to myself, and the bot I’m building with assist in modifications later down the road for your viewing versus the next person who is reading this post. I like to do things in a very different way that anyone else, I’m a leader and not a follower, besides in a world where companies say their leaders in their field, I’ve saw for myself most of them have actually played follow the leader to their customers and not their competitors to make themselves look bigger than they were, whelp on to other things. So yes, I’m random and that’s because I’m the guy working on 20 ideas at a time and completing them in my head before getting started, this way when I launch something all of the pieces are already in place. So yes, the ChatGPT bot is something in the works a sort of a fun thing that will be on this site on down the road, and that’s not the only item in the pipeline.

More menu items will displayed based on if logged in or logged out, also other site features are only available at certain times of the day. I want to make this sort of a collage of what can I make next in my spare time.

Whelp, that’s a wrap, time to get some rest before physical working in the morning. Hugs!